3D Graphics

Our 3D slots engine provides a new kind of slot machine experience with a greater degree of immersion.

Augmented Reality

Bluring the boundary between the real and virtual creates opportunities for new types of games.

Skill games

Younger players expect to be rewarded for their skill or effort. Our games balance chance and skill to optimise player enjoyment.

Virtual Reality

VR provides the ultimate level of player immersion. All of our games work within full VR on all major platforms as well as lightweight hybrid versions of it.

Innovative evolution

Slot machines are hugely popular, so we evolve the genre rather than invent completely new games nobody has the patience to learn. Our simple API's allows easy integration of our games into your balance management system, be that real money or social.


Our cutting edge backend platform includes a elegant API for embedding 3rd party content, custom event listeners/triggers for customer retention, configurable bonus points and in depth reporting and analytics and a lot more.


Cross Platform Technology. All our games use HTML5 and utilise platform specific wrappers to optimise performance. They work on any device.

Slots Engine

Our slots engine allows us to rapidly create new slot machines with all the latest features expected from state of the art gamess.

Better Maths

Dynamically generated reels and paytables provide optimal retention.

Social Casino Games

We're going to be launching a number of social casino products in 2017, stay tuned.

Slots 3.0

We're making slots fun and appealing to the next generation of players

Video Poker

The original classic of machine gaming


The king of the table games


Our high performance remote gaming gaming server is a cost effective way of integrating your games with distributors.

Texas Holdem Poker

Lightweight HTML5, chat, achievements, leaderboards. Social or real money. Play

Sweep Stakes Software

Our platform includes a Point of sale terminal (POS) and admin panel including sweep stakes mode for use in internet cafes. Our cloud based servers mean you can be earning money from your location within hours.

Land Based Deployment

Our cabinet deployment supports all leading bill acceptors from JCM and MEI and the major thermal printers, Ithaca Epic 950, JCM Gen2 and Nanoptix

Embed our games

We can provide our games as a hosted service where you embed the games into your social casino or website using our API.